Keep It Fun

Can you believe it’s been over 3 months since the last Kona Marathon? Now here we are in October and for many of you it’s off season training. We have another 3 months until we begin to train for The Kona Marathon 2014. I just spoke with the brilliant Coach David Levine (Author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Marathon Training) He suggests that in this off season it’s critical that you rest and take it easy, not that you do zero and do nothing, but use this time to rebuild. Go do some strength training get some easy low intensity runs, fun runs, run with some friends. With Christmas and New Years coming up it may be tough to get your runs in, so keep it easy. This is off season, base training and if you get enough of this stuff now then you won’t need as much later and you can really speed up, that sounds fun to me. But if you do too much you’re going to be over training and you will crash and burn and end up slower no matter how much you do. Let’s face it too much is too much and too little is too little. There is a fine line that you need to find and what is that fine line? It is when you’re still enjoying it. When you’re having fun. Coach Levine also suggest, that this is great time to focus on form. Set up a video or a cell phone and see what you look like. Have fun with it and enjoy the journey, because that’s what it’s all about. If you follow these wise suggestions then when you feel the islands calling you, you will be ready. Looking forward to seeing you at the beautiful Kona Marathon in 2014. Until we meet again. A hui you

Warmest Alohas,


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